How To: Printing tags using stencils as printing plates

I recently bought some new stencils from Joggles.  I like to make my own, but sometimes I see a few I just have to have. The one I used for this tutorial is Tribal Tiles. If your looking for some unusual stencils, check them out.

If you’d like to hear this blog post, check out the recording at the end.

After using stencils in my Art Sampler class last October, I really wanted to play with them again, and using them with tags is so much fun. Tags are a great way to test stencils or other techniques, and they also make nice bookmarks.

Here is the stencil I’m talking about. I absolutely love this one!!

I’m using Glimmer Mist that I spray on top of the stencil. I started putting the tags under the stencil and then using a piece of scrap paper and blotting off the top of the stencil. I found that the designs from the blotting were much more interesting than the ones under the stencil.

So I sprayed the stencil with a couple colors.

I then placed the tag over the stencil.


And here is the result.


Here are those tags again. I like how the small tags print just a portion of the stencil so all of them look different.

The key to getting good prints from the stencils is to not use too much paint. If you do, your tag or page will be a big blob of paint! I am working on a plastic covered surface. I have put a paper towel over the plastic and then added the stencil. The paper towel will soak up some of the excess paint.

Now I have lots of bookmarks to use and to give away. But I’m not done. Next it’s printing on fabric, of course. I hope you’ll join me.

You can listen to this blog post here.