Printing with Ken’s Kumiko Stamps

I have been so excited to show you Ken’s Kumiko stamps he made for me, and how they look printed on fabric.

Recently I went to pick up my friend Barbara for our weekly coffee date. Before we left her house we stopped in her husband Ken’s workshop to see what he was making. He was working on a new cabinet that will include Kumikos. As soon as I saw them, I got so excited.

Barbara immediately knew what I was thinking. “Ken, she wants to print with them.” And that was the start. They could be mounted on wood, but I wanted to see where I stamped. I couldn’t find thick Plexiglass without buying a huge sheet, so I settled on Lexan. He not only added the Lexan, but rounded out the corners, and added knobs he had turned just for these stamps. The design is a 7-inch square.

Ken Willingham and the stamps

Aren’t they beautiful? They are so intricate and are really a work of art just on their own. I have no idea how long it takes Ken to make one of these, but it does involve design, a lot of cutting, precision piecing and gluing. And then the beautiful knobs he added to these stamps. He sure is a master at his craft. And I am a lucky dog to benefit from his talent.

So let the fun begin!! I decided to first print on commercially dyed fabric.

I started with black and white on this fabric. I really didn’t like the black, but the white turned out fine. I placed the stamped images right next to each other.

I wasn’t sure I liked them that close together, so I tried the next ones close, but not touching. These were stamped with Jacquard True Gold Lumiere.

This last one with the stamps just touching is my favorite of the placements. I used the gold paint mixed with green. I need more practice on making sure they match up better, but I was happy with my first try.

Then I printed several on white fabric and painted them. I’ll show you those in another post later. These kumiko stamps are amazing, and I look forward to playing with them more on my own dyed fabric.

If you are interested in buying one of these kumiko stamps from Ken and adding kumikos to your art, contact him at They also would work on paper if you aren’t into fabric. They are selling for $45 plus shipping.

Hope you’re having a fun weekend. Looks like I’ll be mowing and working a bit more in the asparagus bed.