Layering Stencils

Today I’m all about layering stencils using fabric paint.

If you look at my post about soy wax batik, this is just a continuation of my love of layers.

Here are my finished fat quarters of fabric.

I love all of the layers. For the top piece, I use the following two stencils.

Here is the finished piece.

So let’s get started. I’m using green, blue, red, and white fabric paints. I start with blue and the first stencil. I’m using a foam roller to spread the paint.

I really thought this one layer was beautiful on it’s own. I could stop right there, but no, I want layers. So let’s take that same stencil and use the green paint. Now that is getting interesting.

Then take the second stencil and use the green paint.

Now use the same stencil with blue. At this point I’m thinking – what a mess I’ve created – but I know I just need to soldier through!

Next was using the first stencil and adding red. Since I’m using the same roller for the red that I used with the blue, it turns out dark – almost black. At this point I’m thinking – can this piece be saved?

Then to beat back the dark, I added white using that same stencil. As soon as I added the white I was in love.

Here is a close up.

Here are the two stencils I used for the other piece.

I used the same colors, but started with the green paint first. Again, I just love how the white made the piece pop.

And a closeup.

Before I played on fabric, I tried this technique on tissue paper. I loved how it turned out too!

Sometimes we just have to push through the fear.  After adding the red to that first piece, I wondered if I could pull it out of the darkness. Maybe I had gone too far. Maybe it was destined for the trash. I was not planning on using white. But when I got to that point I asked myself what helps in darkness – and the answer was simple – light.  So true not just in art, but in our everyday life.

Hope you are having a wonderful day with lots of light. Thanks for dropping by.

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