Printing with found objects

Sometimes it’s just fun to look around the house and start printing with found objects. That’s what I’m doing today.  Clockwise is a potato masher, sponge, Tupperware lids, room keys, pool noodle and toilet paper rolls taped together. They are all sitting on the carpet non slip mat.

Here is the first print.

I covered the background with fabric paint using the sponge. Then I added the masher on top with blue and white paint.

This is one of my favorites.


I sprayed the background with blue fabric paint and then stamped with gold paint using the Tupperware lids.

And another one.

I sprayed through the carpet mat, and then stamped over with the cut up pool noodle.

And another.

I folded toilet paper tubes and taped them together to make these marks. Love the organic feel.

This one ended up being my favorite.

So much fun just smearing paint on the fabric with credit card/room keys.

These are just a few things you can print with. It’s been so long since I’ve spent time printing with found objects. Sometimes it’s good to get those old techniques out, dust them off, and try them again.

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And talking about Spring, last week Dave was in the kitchen thinning his lettuce babies. We ate the thinnings in our salad.

The asparagus is coming up slowly but surely. I took a picture of us and the first spear a couple weeks ago. After spending hours weeding and preparing the patch, it’s always exciting to see the first one appear.

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That’s all going on here. Hope you are enjoying your spring.