Elna Cam Surprises

Sometimes I can not believe what I don’t know! I have owned this Elna SU since 1987.

I bought this sweet thing second hand from a local sewing machine store. The previous owner decided she wanted a fancy new electronic machine. I paid a hefty price since at that time it was the top of the line. In fact, I still have the invoice where I paid for it in three installments.

In 2011, I took an online Craftsy class called Suspendous Stitches with Carol Ann Waugh. I even wrote a post about the class. In addition to the main project, we first made a stitch book. I was so disappointed because I only had three pages for my book.

Then the other day I decided I wanted to play a bit with the stitches for something I want to sew for an upcoming project. Looking at the stitches in the manual, I looked at a page (which I had looked at many, many times before) and I had a big DUHH moment.

On that page, I found out that my double cams don’t just sew one stitch. So how do I make the other stitches? It said to use one of the six built in stitches. WHAT?? I looked at the outside of the machine – I don’t see six. Then I opened up the Cam area, and of course, there is where the six built in stitches are. I know they are there, but just didn’t occur to use them with the cams.

So now I am so excited that I just don’t have a few stitches, but lots of them. I am starting to make a stitch book so I can refer back to them. Here are the pages I’ve completed so far. I’m not worrying about tension or thread type or color, just getting the stitches down so I can see what I have to play with.

Here is one page. The top stitch is using the cam on automatic. As I said, I thought that was the only stitch it made. But it also makes the six other ones. Now, I have to admit, some of the stitches I’d never use, but some I will.

Another one.

I still have 10 more cams to stitch out before I finish my stitch book. I’m so excited about this. Doesn’t take much to make this girl happy!! Looking forward to showing you what I’ll be making with this stitches.

If you’ve had a DUHH moment or some new discovery recently, I’d love to hear about it. Hope you are having a creative week.