Third #Printinktober 2019

We’re now in the third week of #Printinktober.  I decided it was time to play with some of my thermofax screens. Here are all of my prints from this week.

All of the thermofax designs are mine except for the two pieces with the handwriting on them.


I’m using Speedball screen printing ink.


For the blue pieces, I started with previously ice dyed fabric.

Then I put some screen printing ink on the screen and pulled it through.

And the finished piece.

And here are a couple more using the dyed fabric.


The last three are printed on white fabric.

It’s been awhile since I’ve used my thermofax screens. What I love about them is that you can get a clear crisp print. I like that I can make a design and have a screen made of it. However, if you print over designs that aren’t dry, you get smears unless you clean off the screen edges. Unlike stamps, you really need to wait if you are over printing. The printing in the second piece would be easier with a stamp. But I do love them. It’s good to see these images again after so many years!

Here is another look at all seven pieces together.

Well, this week will be my last in this #printinktober challenge. I’ve not yet decided what I’ll do for the finale. I hope you’ll come back and see. Have a great week!