Second #Printinktober 2019

It’s my second week of #printinktober. If you missed the first week, here is the link. This week I am still using rollers, but wanted to use mostly plain ones to see what I could create.



Here are the supplies I played with this past week. I’m using two and three-inch foam rollers, a decorative roller, and a metal roller I bought at a thrift shop. I also used that packing foam which I cut in half for one of the pieces.

For these next pieces I used Jacquard Textile paints.

I am spreading paint on the fabric with the rollers. I’m not looking for even distribution. I just want some of the paint on the fabric.

This is how the fabric looked when I was finished adding the paint. But it really needed something to tie it all together.

I thought adding red over the piece using this decorative roller would add a nice touch.

Here I am adding the red.

And the finished piece (or at least finished for now).

I wanted to see what kind of mark that metal tool made. Unfortunately, I didn’t take a picture before but did take this one in progress. This was just using the yellow and green and adding red with this metal tool.


And the final piece. I love the organic feel of the marks that the metal tool made.


Here is another one using that metal tool.

I really like this piece for it’s simplicity.

The last three were using the Artistic Artifact paints I used in the previous post.

Here are all seven of my pieces again.

Well, that’s all for this week. Thanks for dropping by.