Printinktober 2019

I always want to do those 100-day challenges, but I can’t seem to focus on something for that length of time. Well, when Julie Fei-Fan Balzer announced her #printinktober challenge last month, I decided I wanted to try it this year. If you aren’t familiar with this challenge, it is printing on paper or fabric every day in October.

No rules. Just print every day or not. So I’ve decided to print on fabric (no surprise), and start with some decorative rollers. These are Martha Stewart rollers that I bought several years ago. They were on sale – really, really cheap!  I just looked up the prices for them now, and I couldn’t believe how much they are selling for online.



So I set up my work space. On my left is the fabric paint. I’m using Artistic Artifacts fluid textile paint. My palette is a gel plate and I am using a small sponge roller to spread the paint on the plate. My piece of fabric (1/8 yard) is sitting on top of a printing pad that is covered with fabric.


This first Martha Stewart roller was such a happy surprise to me. I fell in love with the pattern immediately.


But I couldn’t stop there. I had to add a layer of red.

Now that’s kind of nice, but let’s add a black layer.

More black and I have my finished piece. Pretty interesting!

So that was my first one. Now to try using these foam inserts we got when they shipped us some vinegars from Vermont. I just couldn’t throw them away.


I love the background texture they made.

But way too much white. Back to that roller and yellow paint.

And the finished piece. I’ll be making more with those foam blocks.

Then I used the wood grain Martha Stewart roller. Here are the first, second, and third layers.

Then I used that first roller and rolled black over the whole piece of fabric.

#4 and #5 prints are more of the first roller.


and #6 for today. I used the same roller. I printed with black and then sprayed it with Fashion Spray and printed over with white.

And here again are the first six days of this challenge.

Looking forward to this week’s printinktober prints using different rollers. Thanks for stopping by.