Tone on Tone Stenciling

Every October a bunch of artists online participate in Printinktober. It’s all about printing on fabric or paper every day. I participated in 2019 (here is the first of several blog posts). I wanted to participate this year, but I’m getting a late start. This first tutorial is tone-on-tone stenciling.

Angie Knowles, a wonderful textile artist, (click on her name to go to her YouTube account), demonstrated tone-on-tone printing using the stencil with a screen. Since I didn’t have a screen large enough, I decided to just use the stencil by itself.

Here is my video on this process.


Let’s get started. I am tone-on-tone printing over my dyed fabric. Here is the first piece. I’ve chosen a piece of my dyed red fabric.

Since I’m doing tone-on-tone I want the paint I’m using to match the fabric color as closely as possible. It also needs to be a transparent fabric paint. I chose this Red 35.

Now I just stencil as I usually stencil. I’m using one of my foam daubers to add the paint to the fabric. Here is my link to making the daubers.

And the result.

Here is the complete piece.

The following piece I had to mix blue and purple to get the fabric color to match.

Purple/Blue piece

This last one I was testing two stencils on another piece of red.

That was so much fun. And I think I’ve got my muse back. Stay tuned for my next two printing videos and posts.