Printing with crushed pine cones

Last fall when Dave and I took our walks in the neighborhood, I saw so many crushed pine cones on the ground. Of course, I thought they may make great marks on fabric. Today I wanted to show you what I came up with when I used them.

Here is the video of my process.

The photo below shows a regular pine cone and the crushed ones I printed with.

I started with this resist piece.

I added purple paint using the crushed pine cone as my marking tool.

I found that was kind of dull, so I added white paint over the purple.

Here is the finished piece.

This piece was the one I demonstrated on the video.

This piece was white fabric that I stamped over it with orange, turquoise, purple, black, and white paints.

So much fun! Loved how these turned out. It’s amazing the marks that found object can make. Do you have a favorite found object you like to print with?