#Printinktober 28-31

Well, this printinktober challenge is over. Here are my last four pieces.



To print these last four pieces I used previously ice dyed fabric, and printed with the lovely Kumiko stamps my friend Ken made for me. To see Ken, check out this post.


I’m again using textile paints that I brayer onto my gel plate which acts as a stamp pad. Here are the four pieces.

Working with these big stamps is a challenge. I love the marks they make, and I really need to play with them more.

So here are all of my 1/8 yard of fabric pieces from this October challenge:


This was a great exercise. It was good to set this goal of getting 31 pieces done in the month. I’m not sure what I will do with this fabric, but I’m thinking small bags, or flaps on larger purses. We’ll see.

We welcomed a new kitty to the family on October 25. We’ve been wanting to add a young cat so that Ally would have someone to play with. Puddin, due to her age, is not real active. The local humane society also had lots of kitties, so it was a great time for me to finally adopt a yellow cat and to help them out. (I had a wonderful yellow kitty, Sunrise, for many years and absolutely loved that cat.)

Here is Molly. She’s five months old. She’s not as active as I thought she’d be, but that’s because shortly after she joined us, she got a cold. She was described as a “party animal” by her previous owners, so we’ll see about that once she’s 100% well.



Now that the printing is over, it’s time to spend more time behind the sewing machine. Hope you’re having a great and colorful week.