Postcard Fabric Art

For the new year I’ve been looking to do something with all of those fabric scraps. I found the Postcard Fabric Art group on Facebook. They are a great group who love to encourage.


They host a challenge every month. For the first topic Egypt, I focused on hieroglyphs. I cut up some of my dyed fabric scraps. After hand drawing some hieroglyphs with a Micron pen, I gave the white fabric a watercolor wash. The shape is kind of wonky because of the batting and card backing. For the next challenge I’ll use a heavier stabilizer. But it was fun to create, and I look forward to February’s topic. If you want to join in the fun, check out the group on Facebook.


Then while going through some scraps the other day I found a couple postcards I had worked on several years ago, but they weren’t even stitched. So I took them to the machine and finished them. The top one is a bit wonky, but the bottom one is better! You know what they say about practice.


So I’ll be posting more of those in the coming days.

I did attempt to make these candy wrapper zip bags. LuAnn wrote a tutorial about them, and I got so excited that I had to drop everything, and make a couple. Well, I did, but I don’t like how they turned out. I loved stitching them, but putting in the zipper was a bear. And then turning them inside out was a nightmare. I’m not going to call them a failure – just an experiment that I don’t want to spend any more time on. And that’s okay.


Meanwhile, I signed up for an online Crazy Quilt class with Kathy Shaw. We will be creating only one block, and so far I’m pretty excited. I like how she won’t send the next lesson until you post a picture of the previous assignment. It really pushes me to participate, and not just sit back. This was task #3. I glued my chosen fabric in one-inch squares to the diagram. This class is a challenge for me since we are focusing on pastel fabric. I had a hard time finding pastels in my stash!!


I’m also working on upcycling some shirts I have. My goal is to sew a tunic or two I will love to wear. This is part of an online class, Sewing Upcycled Dresses, with Wendy Bryant. I bought this top at a thrift store. I’ve worn it several times, but have never been real crazy about the bottom fabric. However, I love how it fits me. This is the first cut. Stay tuned for more.


That’s all for now. Hope your 2020 is getting off to a good start.