Printing Photos on Fabric

In the  past I have printed on fabric using different carriers and different methods. Then just recently I came across a tutorial about printing photos on fabric using page-size shipping labels as the base. This is so easy!


To get started you need your picture, a piece of fabric (I chose a previously dyed piece, but you could use just white fabric), and the full-page shipping label.


If your picture is not in your computer, it will need to be scanned. You can then put it in a photo editing program, if needed, and then it’s ready to print.

Take the full-size label and adhere it to the back of the fabric.


Then cut the fabric to the size of the label.


You end up with your fabric the perfect size to go through your printer.

fabric for postcard

Before you print on the fabric, print on a piece of paper to make sure you have the correct size, and that you are happy with the print. If not, adjust. Then put the label-backed fabric into your printer and print the picture. Here is my test print and the fabric printed.



Now peel off the fabric from the label.


Iron it and you are ready to use your fabric. I made this fabric postcard for the Fabric Postcard Art Facebook Group.

Rome postcard

As I said, there are other ways to print photos on fabric, but this will be my go-to way from now on. If you are interested in trying out this technique, here is a link to those labels.

It’s been pretty quiet here because we’ve been on vacation. I’ll tell you more about that later, but it was the first time our little Molly was left with Puddin and Ally. This gave her time to bond with her sisters instead of us. Here was a surprise – Molly and Ally together on the recliner.


It seems like a vacation is what I usually need to get my muse to return. I’m pretty excited with some ideas I came up with on vacation. One of them is still in the idea phase. Hopefully, it will develop further and be blog worthy! I’ll be back soon with one of them. Wants some inspiration, check out Off The Wall Friday link party.