Rubber Stamps and Free Motion

Every year I make a Valentine card for Dave. This year I was having trouble coming up with an idea. I started going through my supplies and saw my rubber stamps I rarely use. Why not use rubber stamps and free motion?


I grabbed a piece of my dyed fabric and a rubber stamp.


I wanted to add a little color to the center of the flowers, so I fussy cut some yellow fabric.


I glued down the yellow pieces with Sobo.


I added the batting and traced around the card using a Frixion pen.


Now it’s time to head to the sewing machine. I free-motion stitched around the flowers.


When I finished that, I stitched down the circles starting in the middle.


Now it was time to add the Love stamp. I had two places I could have stamped it, but decided on the lower left. Also, I knew the piece was a little too large for the card, and leaving the top blank gave me room to cut.


Once it’s stamped, then it’s back to the machine to sew.


I’m done except for cutting and sewing the edges.


Now to cut to fit the card.


The last step is to zigzag around the piece. Using Sobo glue I attached it to the card.


I still need to practice my zigzagging! Here is a close up of the piece.


Meanwhile,¬† Martha, and her daughter Jillian were coming home for a visit, and we’d be getting together Valentine’s Day morning to catch up. Just the day before I saw this great video by Jess OklaRoots on how to make Itty Bitty Boxy bags. Smaller is always harder to make, but these bags went together pretty fast. I used a piece of the cat fabric I bought to use as accents for the Sew Powerful purses I’ll be making soon.

I added some chocolates for the occasion. They turned out so cute. Not sure I’ll be making more in the future, but if you have some kiddos around, I think they’d love them.


I’m getting ready to do some sewing. I have a need to rearrange my studio. I’ve found when I’m following a video on the computer, it’s difficult because the part of the table I’m using is too far away. So I need to move stuff around to be closer, and even considering moving my large table to the dye studio in the garage, and move a couple of those smaller tables in here. Right now I only use half of the table and the rest is piled high with stuff that should be put away, or cats are laying on it!!

Thanks for dropping by. Have a great weekend!