Stamped stitched applique

Thanks for all of the comments and private messages about my last post. My muse is not all the way back yet, but just writing and sharing about it, made me feel so much better. So I have been doing a little creating include making stamped stitched applique.


I used to be into paper crafts, before I was drawn to fabric, so I still have lots of supplies including rubber stamps. I’ve used them a bit on my fabric, but thought I’d see how I can use them even more.

I stamped on fabric using the Versa Craft stamp pad. It doesn’t really matter what you use, just need to get the image on the fabric.


I added a tearaway stabilizer (Pellon Stitch-N-Tear Lite) to the fabric and started stitching. I’ve always been obsessed with the perfect stitch. With this technique, perfect stitches don’t matter. I love how I can just put the pedal to the metal and go!


Once I was happy with the stitches, I ironed Heat n Bond Lite to the back of the fabric. I forgot to tear away the stabilizer, but that didn’t really matter.


Now to cut the flower out.


Remove the paper from the Heat n Bond.


Iron the flower to the base fabric. I was making Dave a birthday card so I chose some of my dyed fabric. I added batting to the back of that fabric.


Now back to the sewing machine to stitched down the edges.


And the finished card.


Here is another flower that I’ll be sewing on this blue linen.


Here is another one which was an image stamped with one of my foam stamps.


Of course, you don’t need stamps. However, if you don’t feel comfortable with just drawing the design, the stamps sure come in handy. And it’s a great way to use them if you’ve abandoned paper as I have.

Since my last post I bought a vintage Singer 403 sewing machine. I had it serviced and have been playing around a bit with it. Looking forward to using it to make those Sew Powerful purses. Isn’t she a beauty?


I’m linking up to Off the Wall Friday. Check out more inspiration there.

Hope you all are staying safe and well. We are living in interesting and challenging times. As always, thanks for dropping by.