Postcard Fabric Art First Six

I mentioned back in January that I joined the Postcard Fabric Art group on Facebook. Every month is a new challenge. It has been interesting seeing all of the beautiful cards, and learning about the topic. Here are my first six postcards.


We started in January with Ancient Egypt.  I focused on hieroglyphs. I drew the hieroglyphs on white fabric. To tone down the white, I gave it a light blue watercolor wash. I then added strips of my dyed fabric before stitching.


February – Ancient Greece and Rome – I just had to use my picture of the Colosseum from our visit in 2006. I shared a tutorial on printing pictures on fabric on this post.


March – Medieval Era – This was a bit difficult for me, but I pushed through! This is a panel of Geometric Grisaille from the 13th century. The term ‘grisaille’ derives from the French word for grey – gris – and describes the monochrome effect of non-figurative decorative white glass. This glass was used during the Middle Ages primarily in churches across Europe.



April – Renaissance Era – This under bust corset is made out of a dyed vintage napkin. I added grommets and laced it up with some ribbon.


May – 1920s – This Art Deco design is a stencil I made a couple years ago. I stenciled onto my dyed fabric. I then thread stitched it, cut it out, and attached it to this dyed background.



June – 1930s – The 30’s was the Golden Age of Radio. It was common for families to sit around the radio in the evening listening to a variety of programs. I remember my parents talking about doing that. I drew the radio (I found it on Ebay) on white fabric, FM stitched it, and then used watercolors to add background color. I added the dark brown with a fabric marker. The words were printed on fabric. I decided to FM around the text instead of carefully stitching to give it a wonky feel.


If you are interested in joining this group,  go to groups in Facebook, and search for Postcard Fabric Art. It is one of the nicest group of people I’ve been involved with on Facebook. And if you don’t feel like making one every month, you don’t have to.

Gardening for me has pretty much come to halt with my outbreak of poison ivy. Tomorrow will mark a week since it first appeared on my arm. I thought I might just get a small breakout, which I usually do every year, but no such luck. Here it is on my arm ( I know, too much info!). However, a couple days later it broke out on my tummy. I won’t share that picture with you!! I’m puzzled how it got on my stomach except I might have touched my arm to my tummy on the way to the shower. I don’t know.


Since this isn’t my first rodeo with PI, I am taking care of it, and watching in case it continues to flare up or get worse. I would think most of the blisters have popped out, but did find a couple yesterday that I hadn’t seen. I think I will be able to make it through without meds this time. I’ve really hated not being about to work outside on the gardens, but I know I need to get this under control first. But the good side to this is I have gotten stuff done inside including some art.

Saw this on my almost daily walks. I carried my camera today so I could take a picture.


Stay Safe and Stay Healthy.  See you next week.