Easy Silk Dyeing Q and A

I’ve been teaching my online class, Easy Silk Dyeing, for several years now and, like my Icy Delights class, I get a lot of questions. I thought I’d answer them in this post.

Q. I have a friend who I’m sure would love your Easy Silk Dyeing online class. Is there anyway I can surprise her with a gift certificate?

A. Yes!! This class would be a great gift! Check out this link. Once you buy the certificate, I will send you a link that you can send to her when you’re ready.

Q. I see where your Easy Silk Dyeing class uses Colorhue dyes. Why not just use Dye-Na-Flow?

A. Great question! Dye-Na-Flow will work on silk, and you can create lovely designs with them. However, with Colorhue dyes they are instant and so easy to blend. You can dye a silk scarf, for instance, roll it in a towel until it is just damp, iron, and wear it! Several years ago I was wanting to create a local class where students could leave wearing their scarves, and that’s when I found Colorhue. It’s safe for kids, no fabric prep, and the colors are beautiful. But in addition to scarves, it dyes other silks also. Here are pieces of raw silk that have been dyed, and ready for a project.

Q. I can’t buy Colorhue dyes in my country. Can I substitute?

A. Unfortunately, I have not found any dyes that produce the same results. So I am sorry, this class would not be helpful for you.

Q. I am really scared to dye silk, and not sure I would be able to do this class.

A. I was also scared of working with silk. Years ago I took a local class where we used Jacquard Silk Color Dyes (they have to be steamed to set – what a pain!). I knew I wouldn’t want to get into using those dyes, but loved how strong and how much fun it was to work with silk. I have always thought it was delicate, but it’s not. You would definitely be able to conquer your fear of silk in this class.

Q. I just looked at those sets of Colorhue dyes, and the bottles are so small. How long do they last?

A. Don’t be fooled by the size of the bottles. They are small, but when you use these dyes you dilute them with water so they go a long way. They come in a larger size, but I recommend starting with the set of 6 or 10.

Q. Where do I buy these dyes?

A. You can buy them from Dharma Trading or Marlene here. But right now I have found them cheaper on Etsy from Michelle since she includes shipping. If you buy from Michelle, please let her know I sent you.

Q. Why is this class called Easy? Easy is not a word I use when it comes to dyeing.

A. What’s great about this class is, that unlike regular dye, there is no prep of the fabric before dyeing it. You don’t need to wear masks or even gloves. After adding water to the dyes and getting the silk wet (or you can dye it dry, but I like how it looks better when you play with it wet), all you have to do is start dyeing.

Q. Can my kids do this with me?

A. YES! I have taught locally several classes with kids, and they had so much fun.

If you have any questions about this or my ice dyeing class, please feel free to contact me at lsheines at gmail dot com.

This class would be a great Christmas or birthday gift for that person who loves to create. You can buy gift certificates for this class at this link.

For more info on this class, check out this link.

Otherwise, I’ve been continuing working on stuff to add to my Etsy shop, and also playing with more resists.

That’s all for now. Happy Hump Day! Thanks for dropping by.