Supplies Update

I’m always looking for different supplies for my art making journey. Today, I’m sharing a few I recently purchased.

I love using Superior Threads Bottom Line in the bobbin when I free motion, but I really pretty much use it all of the time. I needed to replenish my supply, so I purchased a Natural White and Gray. I always buy neutrals, but I think I’ll try their rainbow sampler set. All of their sampler sets are on sale right now including Bottom Line. Check out the link here.

I absolutely love these Kai scissors. They are so small, but so sharp. I keep them at my sewing machines. The one on the left is new to me and is the 5130DC – 5-inch Double Curved Scissors. The middle one I used a lot until I lost it, and just replaced it. It’s the 5100 4-inch Needlecraft Scissor. The one on the right I bought awhile back for reverse applique, but use it for everything. It is a N5100B Bent Handle with slightly Blunted Tips.

Wen Redmond will be giving a SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates) Zoom lecture next week. I had seen her art, and am really interested in finding out more. I picked up her book used on Amazon. I could hardly put it down yesterday after it arrived.

While looking for Wen’s book, I came across this one. I’ve done some of this layering, but I’d like to do more. I have mixed feelings about the book. I like it, but not sure it was worth the price. However, I feel I’ve not given it a chance. This has been a crazy week, so hopefully next week I can dig into it.

I saw these on Amazon looking for something else, and just had to have them. There are 100 stencils in the set, with each one a little over 3.5 inches square. I’ve played around with them a bit, but not anything blog worthy yet. Here is the link to them. They are so cute!

Meanwhile, I dyed a little cord. The local Arts Council is having a Holiday Sale and they’ve asked me to be part of it. I thought I’d make a couple rope bowls to add to some of my other art I’ll be selling.

I also have been working on a Powerpoint skill share presentation for SAQA. Members can send in presentations, and any of the regions can request them for their meetings. I’ve been wanting to do it for some time, but just hadn’t gotten around to it.

As for Molly, she spent yesterday in the bowl sleeping, and waking up occasionally to talk to the birdies at the feeder.

Ally was not real happy that I woke her up to take a picture.

And outside, the Muhly grass put on a show. It’s pretty much just a grass all season until Fall comes and she shows her stuff.

Hope you are well, and looking forward to a creative or just relaxing weekend.