2021 My Favorite Things

As the year is coming to a close, I again want to share with you five of my favorite things I’ve been using in the studio this year. There are links to the products in the paragraph above the pictures. These are not affiliate links.

I bought a new little light for my Elna. I have a larger light over my Juki, but needed another one for this machine. It’s an OttLite LED Soft Touch Desk Lamp. I purchased it at Joann’s for 40% off, but you can buy it online. Here is an Amazon link.

I mentioned these Kai scissors in an earlier post this year. I love them and constantly grab them. The only problem is they are so small I lose them among all of my stuff. I try to keep them corralled in my Stash and Store, but often forget to put them back.

I love this cup holster. I bought this back in 2020 and love how it gives me more room on my desk. I keep thinking I need one for at least one of my sewing machine tables. You can find it here.

Getting a second SewEzi table for my Elna has really been so helpful, and makes my sewing time much more enjoyable. I use both machines regularly so it’s nice to be able to just turn around and work on the one I need. These tables are a bit pricey, but so worth the cost if you don’t already have a nice table and if you do any sewing.

But the most important tool and favorite thing in my studio is this design wall. Since my space is limited, my design wall (board) hangs on the back of the door. Previously I created on my table and then stood on a stool to look at it. This design wall has really helped me in my creative process. Here is a project I’m working on now. I love to leave the project up and glance at it from time to time, make changes, and continue on.

Those are just my five favorite things this year.

During the Christmas sales, I went to Zazzle, uploaded the picture of my Falling Leaves piece, and had them make me a new mouse pad. Of course, it’s a necessity here in the studio.

Zazzle was having such a great sale I also bought a new cover for my phone. I love this fabric I created, so thought it would be fun to carry it around with me.

I’ve been baking my biscotti again to gift to friends. Here are the last two batches for the year.

I made a few tags for the biscotti I mailed.

Finished the tissue holders using my dyed/printed fabric  I wanted to share this year.

Put out this snack box December 1 for the delivery drivers. Someone suggested this last year, and I got it out late. So this year I planned ahead so they’d have snacks all month long. I love looking at what they’ve taken. Next year I won’t put out the nuts, and focus on sweet stuff (cookies) which were gone right away.

That’s all for now. Hope you are having a healthy and happy holiday. As always, thanks so much for dropping by my blog.