Hawaii During Covid

We got back from Hawaii a couple weeks ago – our first trip since Covid hit in 2020. When we made the reservations in March of 2021 we weren’t sure we’d be able to go, but even with a spike in Omicron, we were able to spend some time in the warm.

Masks were required everywhere. Here are a few of the signs.

I found it comforting that this state was taking the virus seriously. Even at a big outdoor art/farmer’s market masks were required.


We love to shop farmers markets where we get our breakfast papayas and bananas, and veggies for dinners. We usually eat out only at lunch.

One thing that we noticed different from our visits before COVID was all of the packaging. I know here at home the salad bars are gone from the groceries, but one of the things we loved at Whole Foods here in Hawaii was their bars with a variety of great lunch items. Now they were all packaged up. At Maui Bread Company as you walk in you see all of these items in plastic. Their macaroons are the best!! The biscotti was also good. I had never seen such long ones!


My favorite place for fish tacos is Coconuts, although Paia Fish House and Alchemy’s tacos run a close second.

I am a big believer in the health benefits of kombucha. I wrote this post about my challenges with food and GERD back in 2021. Dave started making kombucha several years ago. He tried to get me to drink it but I just was so resistant. I just didn’t like the taste. After about a year,  I decided to try it, and I’ve been drinking it ever since. I believe it is what has helped my GERD. I only drink 8 oz a day. I still limit my tomato and spicy intake, but I pretty much eat what I want to without having a lot of discomfort. I talk about what kombucha is and my journey with it on this post. As I said on that post, if you don’t like one brand, try another until you find one you like, or make it yourself. When we are traveling we are always looking for good kombucha to drink. We found our favorite was Alchemy’s Valley Isle brand. You can buy it in Maui at grocery stores, and at the Alchemy Bistro you can get it on tap! Alchemy’s Bistro is another place we have to lunch at while on Maui. In addition to the kombucha on tap, they have yummy sandwiches include fish tacos.

Since you can’t get the kombucha that is on tap in stores we ordered two flights – all eight of their kombucha on tap. Yum! With our drinks we ordered their fish tacos. In the past they would serve the sauce on the side. I forgot to ask them to do this and it’s quite spicy. It was delicious, even though I was concerned that I might have a GERD flare up. Nope! In the past I would be suffering for days. Anyway, we love that place.

Lunch at Mama’s Fish House is a requirement for our Maui trips. It’s a bit pricey, but the best meal on the island. In order to eat there you need to make online reservations several months in advance!! I always get the same fish dish and dessert. We also always have the server take a picture of us before the meal.

But we also had meals at the condo, with really the best view in the house! I bring my toasted muesli from home, and we add a papaya and banana to round out the breakfast. Our lunches were usually lots of veggies and fish or chicken.

We walked a couple miles every morning before breakfast, and went on a hike one day. However, most of the time is enjoying the great weather, eating good food, watching the ocean, playing Scrabble, and reading. I read five books while I was there. Here are four. The fifth one I found in the condo. I always leave books for the next guests, and left both of the Harlan Coben books. I seem to have a hard time reading at home with so many distractions. Well, I’ve vowed this year I would take time and read more. I’ve already finished two books since we’ve been home, and working on a couple more.

Another tradition we do on any trip is to take a picture on the last day. Usually Dave sets up the camera, and runs to get into it. He did that this time too, but then a nice couple came by and wanted to take our picture for us! Another great vacation with some wonderful memories.

That’s all for now. The next post I’ll show you some inspiration I found in Hawaii. Then hopefully I’ll get back to my art.