Oh, do I love Kombucha!

We recently returned from Maui where we found the best kombucha. Unfortunately, you can only buy it on Maui where it’s made.

Kombucha on tap – A Flight of 4 at Alchemy Maui

If you’re not familiar with kombucha, it’s fermented tea. Like other fermented foods, it’s suppose to be good for you. With my continuing struggle with GERD and reflux, I’ve found I’ve done much better since I started drinking this last summer. When I went to the doctor in October and told her I’m much better since I’ve been drinking kombucha, she just smiled and said it was suppose to help.

If you’ve tried it and thought it tasted terrible, try another brand. Some of the commercial brands taste nasty. They also are expensive. However, making it at home costs less than a dollar a gallon and not that difficult to make. Dave’s been making it for almost two years. Here is a post a year into his kombucha making.

He had been trying to get me to drink it for almost a year and I finally gave in. And now I love it. Even though his is much better than commercial brands, it still is an acquired taste. Prior to our trip to Maui I would only drink his ginger, now I’m game for any flavor – well, almost. My favorite flavor in Hawaii was cherry cola, although it didn’t really taste like cola or even cherry.


We found this great place that served this kombucha on tap – 16 different flavors! The first photo shows the Flight of 4 you can purchase to get a good taste of what they have. They also let you try any before you purchase.


Also while we were in Hawaii we participated in the Maui Oceanfront race, walking/jogging the 10k. This race includes 5k, 10k, 15k, half marathon and marathon races. They sure have it well organized. Here we are jogging in to the finish.


But a trip to Maui isn’t complete without a lunch at Mama’s Fish House. We really love this treat. I wear a dress when we go there, although not required.

It’s always so good to get away at the beginning of the year. I always come back rested and ready to create. Dave comes back this year with new flavors for kombucha! Yum!