Reading and Stitching

When we go on vacation I always read several books and take some type of art with me. This year it was hand stitching.

As for the books, three were what I call “beach” reads. I take them specifically to read and then leave in the library area at the condo so others can enjoy them. I also take bookmarks and leave them with the books. The beach reads included two by my favorite mystery writer, Harlan Coben – Back Spin and Drop Shot. The other was A Simple Favor a novel by a new writer Darcey Bell.

These were the two books I took with me and brought back. I am still reading I am Malala. I found Tayari’s novel so interesting and well written that I’ve purchased another one of her books.

As for the stitching, my original idea was to stitch on these wool shapes I cut out earlier. However, I had cut them with the Brother Scan N Cut and added Heat and Bond to the back of each piece. They are now too hard to hand stitch!! So I’ll take them to the machine.



So my next plan was to hand stitch a Drop Cloth Sampler I purchased. I found out quickly that the stitches on it were way too small for me. I also took a couple pieces of fabric I had drawn on from Design It, Stitch It by Jessica Marquez on Blueprint. I really enjoyed stitching them. Now to work on the other samplers in that class.

After taking Craftsy classes for years, I saw their deal on Blueprint and signed up for the year. In addition to being able to access all of the classes on the platform, I get several more classes free to add to my forever class list. Can’t beat that!! If you want to check it out, here is a link for a free month.


To help me with stitches I wasn’t familiar with, I purchased this little booklet before we left. It was helpful, but still kind of difficult for me being left handed. But I sure was glad I had it with me. However, when I just couldn’t figure out a stitch or the stitch wasn’t in the book, I opened up the Ipad and watched the class.


Vacation is a great time to get inspiration, and I love taking photos that might inspire me to create. This is one of my favorite pictures that I took on our last day.


Here are three pictures from the Maui Aquarium. I love how they look so happy!

This fish was really impressive looking. He had all those spots and a flat face! The picture sure doesn’t do him justice.

Now that I’m inspired, I need to get to creating. Have a great week!