Iris-Inspired Colorways 2022

In 2015, I dyed some colorways inspired by our irises. You can see those colorways here. I decided I’d revisit that with some of my irises this year.

This is Paul Black using Strong Orange and Purple dyes.

This is Secret Service using Eggplant, Strong Orange, and Palomino Gold dyes

With Frimousse the dyes are Dancing with Raisins, Strong Orange and Palomino Gold

And lastly,  Dynamite with Brown Rose and Antique Gold dyes.

It’s fun to see the color combos created with the irises. I might use one or more of these colorways in a future project. The irises are about done for the season. I’ve been splitting some and sharing them with friends, and I’ll be cleaning up the beds shortly.

As the irises fade out, everything else is growing. I love this spiderwort. It adds so much light to this shade area.

One of the old peonies bloomed.

We took off a couple hours and went on a picnic, something we like to do every summer. On our third date, Dave took me on a picnic. He said he’d bring all of the food. I was expecting fried chicken, but boy was I surprised! The menu was field greens and smoked salmon with homemade raspberry vinaigrette dressing, orzo salad, and fruit salad. I had no idea that he was giving me a preview of his gardening and cooking skills!

For this picnic we drove up to Lincoln State Park, a little less than an hour away.  I made our curry chicken salad, and fruit salad. He made tabbouleh. Yum! After our lunch we hiked around the lake before heading home. It was so good to get away. We need to plan more picnics.

I mentioned earlier that I’ve been giving “Creating Fabulous Fabrics with Resists” talks to groups on Zoom.

Just this week I spoke with SAQA Canada, and the New Mexico group. It’s been so fun. I love meeting all of these creative people, and sharing one of my passions. I love the questions, but also like the suggestions. Looking forward to another talk next month. If you have a group that meets on Zoom, I’d love to present this talk to them. Just let me know.

Well, I do believe my muse is returning! I’m feeling like I’m ready to create some art. It’s been a long quiet spell. Stay tuned.

Hope you are having a good weekend. Thanks for dropping by.