Just a little progress

In the last post I told you about the temperature wall hanging I’ve started. Well, it’s kind of slow going.

One reason is because I am getting new windows for my studio. The window guys had to come out and measure inside, which involved me moving both tables and lots of stuff.

Well, while I was contemplating putting stuff back, I decided I wanted to reorganize my space again. I also wanted to go through some of the boxes to see if I could consolidate. I decided I didn’t really need both tables right in front of the picture window, so I only brought one back. The other one I moved where the recliner was, and moved the recliner to the window.

Molly decided she’d pose for the picture. The table on the left in this picture is where the recliner was and I’ve decided to use it as the ironing space. I have really liked it being in that area, and I can work from either side. The only issue I see is there is not much room between my Juki and the shelving. But I’ve decided, if I’m working on a large project, which is rare, I can move out the Elna which is on the other side of the chair. The other table to the right of the picture I’m using for cutting. It’s basically where it was before. So far I’ve liked this new set up.

So once I got everything back in place, it was time to continue on the temperature wall hanging. First I cut out some of the fabric and made some mock up blocks.

Then I got busy and cut all of the pieces. It really made for a pretty table!

I’m still not sure how I am putting them together. They are sewn on felt, and my initial plan was to zigzag them, but not sure I’m going to do that. So last night I hung the half I’ve sewn to my design wall to look at them. I had put the year on each one of them, and really didn’t like that. The gray is the felt they are sewn on, and I’m kind of liking gray, so I may use gray as my background. However, tomorrow that may change. I also see maybe making the blocks smaller, but I need to sleep on that!

In the gardening department, we finally got some much needed rain. I’ve been watering every night, something I only did in the past for new plants. Everything was getting to look pretty sad, so the rain was a welcome treat. We’d love to have more.

The blueberries are pretty small this year. We think it’s due to a dry Spring. We did put the soakers on them, which might help the ones that are just coming on. Here is one of my hauls.

One of the weird garden thing that happened this season is the Adobe Orange Sombrero echinacea bloomed green! The picture on the left is the plant last year. On the right is this year’s.

Glenda, an ole friend on Facebook, told me that it probably had Aster Yellows Disease. I looked it up, and I believe that is what happened. The only thing you can do is get rid of the plant which I did.

And in the department of everything Dave grows is big, is this beautiful kohlrabi. This was just one of many he harvested. We love this veggie. We eat it raw, roast it, and fermented. Yummy!

Well, that’s all for now. Hope you’re keeping cool.