Making Roving Fabric

Been playing a bit. When I cleaned up my studio I found some wool roving that I’ve not used in awhile. I thought it might be fun to try to make some roving fabric.

This process is just like when I made the Scrappy Fabric awhile back in this post. However, this time instead of using scraps, I’m using roving. I’m also using Vilene Water Soluble stabilizer. I like it because it is heavier and tends to keep the pieces from moving around. However, the other water soluble stabilizers will also work.

So I cut two pieces of the stabilizer.

I start tearing pieces of roving and placing them on one of the sheets.

I don’t want any holes, so I’m going to add more roving.

I think I have enough roving so it’s time to make a sandwich. I cover the roving with the other piece of stabilizer, and pin the whole thing.

Now it’s ready to take to the sewing machine. I chose to free motion the first row of stitches. You can also just do straight stitches.

Once you have completed covered it with those stitches, then it needs to be stitched the other way. For these rows I used my free motion but pretty much just sewed straight stitches.

This is how it looks when it’s finished.

Now it’s ready to take a bath! Put it in water and watch it become a piece of fabric.

And the finished piece.

And another which was a bit brighter. I also added some sparkly thread.

Here is a close up.

But you can also do this with ribbons, and threads like this one. It’s so much prettier than this picture.

And a close up.

It’s such a fun process, and it gives you some new fabric to work with.

Hope you’re having a good weekend.