More Progress

It’s slow going on the temp quilt, but here is where I am now. I have 5 decades on five strips. Each day shows the low and high temperature for that birthday. They are just mistyfused down. I am not sure yet how much space will be between the rows or how I plan to sew all of the pieces.

Since nothing is sewn down, I thought I’d sew a sample just to see how it will look. I really wish I would have used my regular cotton fabric instead of this loosely-woven fabric. I’m too far along to stop now though. I liked this fabric because it was so soft, but it may have been the wrong choice.

I made this sample and used a couple different stitches on it. Since it’s all raw edged, it will be pretty wild looking. I’m still not sure what I’m going to do. Now that I think of it, I should have used something to strengthen the fabric like Terial Magic.

I thought it would be fun to play with this sample, so I got out a heart I had made earlier and traced around it.

Then I covered the sample with a silver netting fabric I bought a Joann’s recently. I zig zaged on the line I drew.

I cut the heart out and then zig zaged again. I end up with this heart.

I love how it turned out. If all else fails with the temp quilt, I could make lots of hearts!

Meanwhile, despite the hot temps and not much rain, the gardens are still going strong. Here is just one of Dave’s harvests from the veggie garden. I love this time of the year when he brings in all the goodies.

The flowers and bushes are putting on a show.


Meanwhile, we are all trying to stay cool. Ally likes to sleep on my recliner that is covered with a sheet. The fabric on this chair is hot to me, so the sheet keeps me cooler too when I have a chance to sit in it!

Hope you are staying cool.