Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

With the new month comes some major decisions. But before I tell you about them, I have to show you the beautiful cards I received from Kathy Schmidt of Quirks Ltd. I love everything about them, including her interesting signatures on the back.

I’ve been following Kathy for some time, and this month she hit her 2,000 post! What an accomplishment! To celebrate she was having a giveaway, and I was a lucky winner of two of her lovely cards! If you’ve never heard of Kathy, she has to be one of the most prolific creative artist I’ve seen. If you want some inspiration, check out her blog. She has a gallery where you can see her finished work too. I don’t see any links to purchase, but I assume she has some of them for sale. As I said she creates a lot, and sometimes I wonder where she gets the energy. Again, if  you are interested in fabric art, check out her blog.

Now to the decisions. I’ve been agonizing over this for over a year. I have decided to close my classroom at, and retire my classes effective October 1. Back in 2016 when I created Icy Delights, my ice dyeing class based on my technique, no one was teaching it. I had taught a webinar through Interweave in 2013, and I was still getting royalties on that (so I knew there was interest although I didn’t realize how popular it would be!) when I decided I really needed to have my own class and add much more information. So I spent hours dyeing 45 different colors so my students could see how the dyes break out. It would help them to decide which dyes they wanted to purchase. I also put together combos, a dye calculator, and lots of information. Over the years I’ve had hundreds take that and my other class, Easy Silk Dyeing. Easy Silk Dyeing came from a local class I taught. I wanted to bring it to a broader audience.

I had decided to add more classes to the classroom. In fact, I have several courses outlined, but I just couldn’t get the energy back to putting them together and then marketing them. So the more I thought about it, I decided this isn’t how I see my teaching future. However, this doesn’t mean I’m going away. I’ve really enjoyed the Zoom lectures I’ve given this year, and I see more of them, and uploading more videos on my You Tube channel. Of course, I’ll continue to write tutorials here.

It’s been great to see all the beautiful fabrics that have been created, and to meet so many of my students on the Facebook Group, which will also close October 1. They have inspired me so much! I have sent everyone in the classroom an email. However, if you are one of my students and you didn’t receive it, I wanted to post the information here. Please download the pdfs you want to keep, and watch any videos you want to see again before October 1 when the classroom will close for good. Until then, everything will remain the same. It’s been a great journey.

Now on to the next phase! Thanks again to Kathy for the beautiful cards.