Too Many Interests!

You know what my problem is? Too many interests!

Before I go into that, I have received so many wonderful comments about my classes. I appreciate your kind words. Several people thought I was going to quit blogging, or doing any art. No, I was just shutting down my classroom. I’ll still be here. However, I have realized that I have way too many interests, and not enough time and energy!

Fabric Art

I plan to work a bit more on my temp quilt which has been on the back burner the last couple of weeks. A couple days ago I sewed all five decades of pieces down, and now to work on the final two before I put it all together.

I intend to print some fabric, specifically with some new stencils I purchased. The first ones are from Lisa at Artist Cellar. She is having a sale, so all stencils are 30% off this month. Check them out here, if you’re into some new inspiration. I especially like the top one which is a map of Paris!

The second set are from Diane Ericson’s collection. She is having a 20% off sale on her stencils until August 15. Check them out here. The bottom stencil I could have cut on my Scan & Cut, but I wanted to have it now. The top one I’m really excited to play with.

I’ll be showing you how I’ll be using these soon! I’ve got lots of stencils I’ve made and also purchased, but I thought it would be fun to add some new ones to the mix, and they were on sale!


As you know I’m pretty obsessed with irises. Well, it’s time to do some major cleaning of the iris beds before winter sets in. I also bought seven new ones and they threw in two bonus irises, so now I have to find homes for nine new ones! I hope they will bloom next spring, and join the 2023 Iris Parade!

And I’m into adding more Echinacea. Here is a new one I planted early this summer. It’s called Big Kahuna. The area where I planted them is between the two iris beds, and was home to a peony. I decided I didn’t think that was wise use for that space. So I dug it up, and I’ll be planting several other plants in this space.


This is one interest that has really taken over my life the past five years or so. One evening I decided to go back to my great grandfather Heines’ information. I had his will attached to my tree, and for some reason I decided to read it again. I had read where he was giving his daughter the household stuff, and donating to the church for Masses for both deceased wives, but at the very end, which I hadn’t really paid attention before, he lists his nephew, Willam Heyns, as his Executor. WHAT?? I was shocked. I had no idea he had any kin in the area. If it was his nephew, it had to be one of his brother’s kids. And sure enough, not only did he have that nephew, but four more of his brother’s kids immigrated and lived in the area. The name spelling is what got to me. In the past, when I would meet people they would ask me how I spelled my name. They’d often start spelling it for me – “Hey…” I remember thinking why would they spell Heines with a “y”. So when my ancestors came over from Germany, instead of going with Hines, Heins or Heines, this part of the family went with Heyns. None of these spellings, including mine, was how their last name was spelled in Germany! William Heyns was a prominent person in my hometown. He was active in politics, and owned a furniture factory and store, just to name a few of his accomplishments. It’s been fun researching his life, and those of his siblings.


I always read when we are on vacation. When we return I say I’m going to continue, but I never do. I’ll read some magazines, newspapers online, but never sit down and read a book until the next vacation. Well, I decided this year I would try to read two books a month. I spend just 30 minutes in the morning when I first wake up sitting in my recliner enjoying the latest book I’ve checked out from the library. (That’s another thing. I always bought books; now I’m using the library.) I haven’t done a recent count, but I believe I’m on target to my goal of 24 books this year. Here is the one I’m reading now. It’s such a lovely bunch of essays.

So because of these interests I am so torn!

One of the big things I’m doing this week is getting my hair cut. I last had it cut in early January 2020. It’s the longest I’ve had since I was in my 20s. I initially said that I wasn’t going to get it cut until COVID was over. Well, not sure that’s going to happen, and I’m really ready to have shorter hair so Tuesday is the day! I should have enough to donate 12 inches to one of those charities that make wigs. Here are pictures from when I grew it long in the 70s, and the other day. It was so much thicker back then, and I’m definitely a way bit older!

Well, I’m off to work on the Temp Quilt. Have a great week!