Let the sun in and map quilts

Not much art around here yet. This past week my new windows in my studio were installed. I’ve been so looking forward to them to provide insulation, and now I can see and let the sun in! I was excited for them to finally be installed but it involved moving around my studio again.

Here is the big picture window. In addition to being so cloudy, they couldn’t be opened and weren’t energy efficient.

Here is the window area in progress.

And the final windows. I can’t believe I can now see the backyard! All three windows can be opened. I also replaced the side window, hopefully insulating this room much better.

Then after they were completed, I had to moved things back. I have since moved things around twice. I believe there is one more move before it will be done, but that will have to wait for a week.

I have lots ideas about what I wanted to create next. However, I’ve been really fascinated with genealogy, and where my ancestors lived. I want to write about all of this, but I’d also love to show it through art quilts. This led me to a couple books.

This first one is not specifically about fabric, but thought it would give me some ideas. I have just started to look into this book so can’t really comment on it yet.

I love Valerie Goodwin’s work, and have thought about taking her online class on map art quilts. I purchased her book to help me decide.

This is a great book if you are interested in adding maps to your art quilts. Because of my genealogy interest, I am really interested in her take on the topic.

She takes you all through her process ending with the finished quilt. Love, love, love it, and it’s given me so many ideas.

So I am inspired. She had her siblings send her words about their grandparents’ homes and their visits there. I am going to email my sister and ask her to do the same.

That’s all for now. As I said, I’m inspired. What has inspired you lately?