2022 My Favorite Things

Looking back this year, I wanted to again share with you five of my favorite things I’ve been using in my studio. A couple are repeats from previous years.

Clover Hot Ruler and the Oliso M2 Mini Project Iron

I love this little ruler. I used it when I was making some grocery totes this year. I bought the Oliso iron when they were on sale after Thanksgiving. I have other small ones, but since I love my big one, I knew I’d love this one. It’s great for those small projects.

Magnetic Seam Guide

As I mentioned a couple years ago, I’ve had this for over 20 years but never used it until the last couple. It sure helps with getting that 1/4 inch seam.

That Purple Thing

Making the bags and the coasters, I used That Purple Thing quite a bit to poke out those corners. I’ve used bone folders, pencils and other things, but this works the best for me.


And lastly a glue for fabric and other crafts that I’ve used for years and love – Sobo. Recently, I used just a dab to attach the tree to the felt backing before sewing.

i have been sewing a lot and really enjoying it. I made a couple grocery totes with some white jeans fabric I dyed blue.

And then a couple dog poop bag holders.

I’ve been spending a bit of time reorganizing my studio again. I’m really excited because I will have it all ready for the new year!

Do you have a favorite or several favorite tools? I’d love to hear about them.