Leaf printing with the kids

Yesterday I taught my first class in a long time at the Seton Harvest Farm Camp. After their lunch we printed flags and their backpacks with kohlrabi leaves that they had picked earlier in the morning.

I gave a brief lesson on printing with these leaves. Since we were using the three primary colors, I asked them as I demonstrated printing, “Now if I add red to the yellow, what color am I going to get?” I heard a chorus of “Orange.” And so the mini color blending lesson took place. As for the amount of paint, I always emphasize less is best, but that’s often hard to convey especially in such a short time span.

I’m explaining how you print on the back side of the leaf. If you are wondering why I have the fabric taped down, it was so windy. We even taped down the plates I used as palettes. I had never taught a class on such a windy day! I wore my shirt I had printed just for the class. I need to do more printing of shirts!

Several days ago I sewed up flags for the class.

We started printing the flags as a practice for the backpack. Once those were done we set them aside and started on the backpacks.

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And here are the kids holding the flags which they were planning to hang today.

I heat set the flags. The backpacks were going to cure overnight. They’ll be loading them up with all kinds of goodies this week. It was funny that one of the kids had a light bulb moment when asking me, “So can you print with other leaves?” Of course!!

Seton Harvest is an interesting place. This is their first farm camp even though the farm has been around since 2006. The kids were exposed to farm life, including taking part in some tasks, and learning all about how a farm works. This farm donates some of their produce and also is a local CSA for those who love fresh local veggies but don’t have space or want to grow them. Here is a link to their website if interested.

It was a fun time. It always amazes me how much I learn from my students. They are also so creative. I sure hope they enjoyed the class as much as I did.