Fabric Book Continuing Progress

Since my last post, I’ve pretty much changed my mind about almost everything!! Before I get into that, here are a couple embellishments I made for the pages. These irises I’ve made before and you can find my tutorial here. They will go on my spread about planting the iris beds.

I also made some white oak leaves out of fabric this time. See my leaf printing posts.

I mocked up a small fabric book just to see how the pages would look.

Meanwhile, I didn’t like the white pages so I decided to dye them two different colors.

But then I decided I wanted to go back to my original plan of the pages using jeans. My concern with the denim fabric was how to finish the edges of the spreads. I made binding out of some of my indigo-dyed fabric and sewed a sample. I really liked the looks of that so as of now, I’ll be finishing my inside pages with the binding.

Since I’ve decided to use the denim for the pages, I thought about ways to decorate them besides the embellishments I’ve made. It was time to play with some stencils. I’m not sure I’ll use them, but they are interesting. I’m using just white opaque fabric paint except for the middle one where I used both white and gray paint. I really love the first one.

So now that I decided that I will make the pages out of the jeans, I cut the fabric larger than the pages taking account of any quilting I may do. I made a template out of cardboard of the finished page size (8 x 14).

Then I placed it on the oversize piece of jeans and using a chalk marker, drew the actual finished size and the middle of the spread. This will help me with placement of my pictures. So here are the 6 spreads which will make 12 total pages. I’ll be sewing them back to back so I’ll end up with 3 signatures.

Before I can move on I have to decide which pictures go where. I made a paper mock up of the signatures and wrote which pictures go on each page.

Now it’s time to print out the pictures and start working on the pages. I am so looking forward to seeing how this all comes together!! Thanks for dropping by.