Making Embellishments

After taking the Scroll Stories class I wrote about on my last blog post, I’ve decided to continue making embellishments.

These were the same irises that I traced from clipart onto fabric, stitched and painted. But cutting them out makes such a difference, giving me some really cute embellishments!

The process is easy. As I said for the irises I used clipart. However, they can also be made easily from photos. I wanted to make some coneflowers, and found this picture I took several years ago when we had lots of these sweet flowers.

I turned the picture into grayscale, and then printed it out. Below you can see the picture and the finished flowers.

It’s  a simple process. Just place your image on a light table (or a window) and place your fabric over it. Then take either a pen or pencil or erasable pens like Frixion pens, and trace. Once you are happy with the design, add the batting or felt to the back, and free motion stitch the design. If you use black thread you won’t have to worry about your pen staying on the fabric because the thread will cover it. But I really like my Frixion pens so I use them. To see this process, scroll down on the watercolor effect with textile paints post.

To paint these flowers I use Intense pencils and GAC 900, but  you could use other colored pencils with water or matt medium.

If you noticed you have missed a stitch or two, this pen I got in the Scroll Stories class worked great. Thanks to Libby since I’ve never seen one of these before. I know I’ll be using it again. I had left off one stitch on one of my flowers, and didn’t want to take it back to the sewing machine. Libby suggested if you don’t want to stitch, you could just use this pen. Great idea!

Once they are dry, you can cut them out. These are so cute! Now all I want to do is make embellishments!!

So what am I going to do with them? Well, they will be added to my Scroll Stories. I added the first irises I made to my SAQA CoronArt piece I am working on. I was going to add actual pictures of my irises but I liked these much better. I stitched them on the quilt using Superior Threads (invisible thread) MonoPoly. I’ve been wanting to use it since I bought it awhile back, and it has worked great on this little quilt.

Luann got me to thinking about seriously doing the 100-day challenge. Maybe we need to do something right here with all of you. I’ll get back with you soon on it. I don’t know about you but I sometimes need a little push to get a project done.

I’m linking with Nina Maria’s Off The Wall Friday and Peacock Party for more inspiration.