It’s Spring!

I can’t believe it! Spring is here.

Our asparagus finally showed up! Not yet large enough to harvest, but won’t be long.

Asparagus poking up
Plum Tree

I’m not fond of plum trees. I had one at my last house that hung over the deck. What a mess! However, this one is in the front yard. I do love their smell.

Grosso Lavender

I just pruned these lavender plants last week. It’s better to prune them in the fall or when harvesting the buds, but I didn’t do that last year. These are just babies, only their second year. I chose Grosso since it is hardy in our area and also is known for it’s great bouquets.¬†

Love this lilac

When we had the deck and screened porch built in 08, we made the construction workers work around this bush.

Cherry Tree

This is one of the three cherry trees we planted a couple years ago.


Can’t believe how fast these have grown in the last couple of days. It’s time for me to divide them and pot up the extras for the SWIMGA plant sale in May.

I love watching everything come up. I also love the surprises. Have a great spring day!