Now it’s official

It’s finally spring here at Happy Acres. We ate our first bunch of asparagus. Yum! We harvested a little over 6 ounces so far, but every day I see more and more of the green goodies poking through the soil. There is nothing like fresh asparagus. And to think I used to not like this vegetable!

Asparagus on the grill

I’ve always loved screened porches even though I’ve only lived at one house that had one. Back then the porch opening was the official start of the season spent dining and sitting outside.  When Dave and I bought this house in 07 it didn’t have a screened room – just an old decaying wood deck. Even though we live pretty lean, adding a screened porch and deck (for grilling) was a requirement for our retirement home. Because of the wet weather back then, it took the contractors five months to complete our project.  But the wait was worth it.  Yesterday after washing the room down and cleaning the furniture on Monday, I was able to get the cushions out and finally open the doors. We ate our first dinner out there last night.

Shel looks out through the screens on our porch

Sidd loves the porch more than the other kitties. Maybe he remembers when he used to roam the neighborhood in my old neighborhood or maybe he just loves the sound of birdies and the sun beating down on his fur.

Everything is popping up. The Bestseller tulips, I planted last year, are the first of the tulips to bloom. I didn’t realize they were so small but still love them.


I can’t believe that I had looked for the comfrey a couple days ago and couldn’t see a hint of life. Then yesterday, there it was!

Blackberries waiting to make syrup

Yesterday, I also mixed up a batch of Blackberry syrup so that in three weeks we will have that cool drink. Yes, it is official – Spring is here.