Resale Shop Finds

I love to go junking either at the local St. Vincent’s or Goodwill stores. But I also like to visit resale shops. However, I don’t seem to do this much anymore. Usually when I pass by one of these places, I think about all of the gardening and house stuff I need to do and tell myself that I’ll stop another day. Well, this past week I stopped. Yes, there was still lots to do at home, but I thought that an hour out of my day could be well spent on hunting for that bargain.

Well, here is what I found.

My find last week

I am just absolutely crazy about old linens. These cutwork handkerchiefs (in the middle) just called to me. I’m not sure what I will do with them. I’ve seen them added to clothing. I may have to just sit and admire them for the time being.

We use cloth napkins and these were so beautiful and at 50 cents each, what was I to do? I really liked this circle pin. I thought it would look nice with some added embellishments. The rose button covers would look nice painted and added to some paper project. The other pin with the dangling heart would add to  a recycled jewelry piece.

Then look at the texture of these napkins! Aren’t they beautiful? I don’t think they are very old, but they haven’t been used. The tags on them say they are made in Belgium. I really liked this cross pin and the rhinestone “sweater thing.” I can’t think of the name, but they were used to keep sweaters on without buttoning them. Do you know the name? Anyway, just love all of my finds. If you have any ideas for them, I’m open for suggestions!