No friend Of Mine

Well, he’s back! And he’s no friend of mine. I’m talking about this little plant that causes me so much pain!

Poison Ivy

Last year he got me three times, the first being in March when I couldn’t see him. I’ve been real lucky this year. Even though I’ve been real careful, maybe I was getting too confident. When it appeared Sunday I was feeling like I was lucky. There was only a small spot on both arms. Well, as the day wore on yesterday more and more bumps have appeared and with them that terrible itch. I even have some on my right leg. Usually I wear long pants and long sleeve shirts out in the garden, but I guess it was hot that day when he brushed across my arms and legs. I thought it was the day when I trimmed the bushes in the front. I didn’t see any PI, but I was wearing short sleeves since it was safe (or so I thought) out there. But not sure when I got it on my leg. I remember there was a day when I went down to the iris holding area and looked at the irises with shorts on. But I was just there for a minute. I don’t remember bending down, or even brushing up against anything. We’ve found PI down there last year so this year I’ve been real careful – always looking before I pull a weed or tag an iris. But I guess I wasn’t careful enough. I was going to tough it out, but looks like it’s going to be a bad case so I’ve called the doc for a script. But this too shall pass. But besides the bad new of PI, lots of nice showings going on around here starting with our blueberries which are almost ready for picking!

Our peonies are especially beautiful this year.

And the cherries are looking good.

The Baptisia didn’t do much last year, but really took off this year.

The iris count continues. Have a great day and please watch out for those three-leaved plants.