HB in Five: Turkish-Style Pita Bread

This week one of our challenges was making Turkish-Style Pita Bread.

This uses the master recipe dough from this book. I didn’t have black sesame seeds so I used regular sesame and poppy seeds.

Turkish-Style Pita Bread

Here is a closer look at the crumb.

I was expecting a pita which is much thinner. This turned out with a nice crumb and tasted ok, but pretty bland. I also wanted a pita, not a flatbread. I won’t make this again.

Now the last assignment I loved. In fact, I didn’t get around to baking the second bread, the Milk and Honey Raisin Bread, to meet the deadline. However, after checking out the other bakers on this HB in Five braid, I just had to make the English muffins. I was especially inspired by Old Pop’s blog post. This was my very first time making English muffins. It won’t be my last! They were sooo good and another one of the recipes in this book that will go in my “make again” file.

English muffins in the skillet

They were so easy to make. After cutting them from the dough, I plopped them in the electric skillet and cooked them on each side for eight minutes.

Milk and Honey English Muffins

Yum! Nothing like Dave’s homemade ricotta cheese topping these little gems.

I’m off to see what the other bakers are doing with this dough. Come with me and check them out at  Bigblackdogs.