Apple Drying Taste Test

Dave and I made a trip over to Reid’s Orchard last week to purchase some of their apples. Dave loves to make and freeze applesauce. I love to dry slices of apples or make fruit leather.

Since I hadn’t dried any sliced apples yet this season, I did that. We bought four varieties: Cameo, Gala, Granny Smith, and Jonathan.

I sliced a few of each and put them in the dehydrator to dry.

Apples in dehydrator
Apples in dehydrator

When I dry our apples, I core and then slice them. You can add cinnamon or sugar, but I just like them natural. And I’m into easy!

When they are dry to touch – not brittle – I store them in bags that I seal.

Since we’ve never had this many varieties drying at the same time, I thought it would be fun to have a taste test. I lined them all up on the counter in little bowls so we could taste them. Between each taste we gulped a bit of water.

The Results: We both agreed that Cameo was much sweeter and much better dried than fresh. Gala and Jonathan retain their flavor dried more than the other two. Granny Smith was ok, but not one we’d buy again. They are just too tart. They will be fine in oatmeal. The other three are great just eating out of the bag. Dave liked the Gala and Jonathan best, but I loved the Cameo. However, all three will be great for eating and also throwing in our oatmeal or any dish where we use apples.

So here is that bunch of apples ready for the pantry.

Apples sealed and ready for storage
Apples sealed and ready for storage

We still have quite a few apples left, so I’ll be drying more in the next couple of days. But first I’m going to make that apple crisp I’ve been chomping at the bit to bake.

Oh, Before I forget,¬† Sunny was adopted by a lovely family who have renamed him Facer since I posted her-his picture on my facebook page. They found out she was a he when they took him to the vet. He not only was declawed in the front, but also was neutered and did NOT have fleas. Everyone is a happy camper both here and at Facer’s home. I do love happy endings!