52 in 52: Morning

This week’s topic for 52 in 52 is Morning.

I wanted to take a picture yesterday as we headed out to Bob’s Gym, but the fact is I don’t do that every morning. I thought about what happens early, almost first thing every morning, and that was this.

Morning Joe
Morning Joe

I’ve not always drank coffee. I grew up with my grandma telling me that it tasted like it came out of the back of a horse. I don’t know how she knew that and I didn’t want to ask!!

The only time I would drink coffee was when I visited my brother in Bloomington where his girlfriend, Julie, would fix coffee topped with ice cream in beautiful tall pottery mugs. The taste of the sweet and bitter really appealed to me but not enough to drink it at home.

In my early 40s my husband at the time fixed coffee every morning. I thought I’d ease myself into coffee by drinking Maxwell House International instant coffee drink. I finally decided that since he was making and enjoying the brewed coffee, why not give in? I did, and that was the end of my coffeeless days. I still don’t drink it black, but I’m getting there.