Goodbye Heartwriting

Many of you don’t know this, but for years I have had a website called Heartwriting. Originally it was


In 2007 with selling houses, buying a house, and getting married, I took down the site to get settled. I reopened the site as (.com was gone).

From those sites I taught many online journaling classes from Rediscovering You (which I also taught in California) and Building Self Esteem through Heartwriting (taught also in Chicago) to Journaling to Spiritual Awareness and Writing Your Story (which I teach locally). My Monthly Write online class was a popular one in 2009 as was Journaling as a Healing Tool taught through local hospitals.

Teaching journal writing came from my desire to teach this craft that I’ve done since mom gave me that Girl Scout Diary in the 6th grade. I wanted others to know the healing power of this practice. I read a variety of journal writing books and then in 1998, received the Center of Journal Therapy Instructor Certification to teach Journal to the Self, based on Kay Adams’ bestseller and wonderful basic journal writing book. From that book and my other journal writing research, I developed many of the classes I’ve taught in the past.

Bloom, Bake and Create came into being because I wanted another venue to blog about my other passions besides journal writing. I still love journal writing, but I also have such a passion for these other parts of my life. Keeping up with two blogs is way too much for me, which brought me to this decision to close Heartwriting.

So from time to time I will be mentioning journal writing on this site, let you know about my local classes, and may even offer an online class again in the future.

I am excited that my next class locally, Journal to the Self, will be starting in March. I’ve not taught this basic class in a long time and really look forward to introducing my students to these wonderful writing techniques.

The class takes place at the University of Southern Indiana. If you are nearby and interested in this class, you can register HERE. I’ve got a great bunch of students already signed up, but there is still room for you if you’re interested! Here is information on it.


Did you know that there is more to journaling than just writing a daily log of your life? In this five-session workshop, in addition to covering why and how to keep a journal and the benefits of this practice, you will learn 10 different fun 5-minute journaling techniques that will help add color, perspective, and dimension to your reflective writing. You will also learn about other types of journals including dream journals, monthly writes, art journals, and more. Bring your favorite notebook and pen. Journal to The Self® workbook $8 from instructor

Instructor: Lynda Heines, Journal To The Self® Certified Instructor

Dates & Time:  5 Tuesdays, March 22 – April 19, 6:30 – 8pm

Location:  USI, Rice Library, Room 0034

Registration Fee:  $60

It’s been a hard decision to let Heartwriting go and I’ve struggled for quite a long time with this, but I feel it’s time to move on and to simplify. Now that the decision is made, I feel good!