Welcome Dusty

Well, we have added to our fur family. You can check out another post on our new kitty, Dusty, on Dave’s blog.

As you know, we put to sleep both of my cats, Sidd and Shel, last year. Even though I still really miss them, especially Sidd, momma’s boy, we both wanted Puddin to have someone to play with. We also thought that she’d welcome a buddy, especially if he or she was younger.

We set out on Friday,ย  February 17, after checking online at catmatch.com aka Vanderburgh County Humane Society, to find Puddin’s buddy. We walked into this large room with lots of fun hiding places. At first I only saw a few cats, but the more I walked around, the more sweet kitties I saw.

One of my restrictions was it could not be a tabby cat that looked like Sidd or Shel. He or she needed to be around one to two years old and friendly. I thought a yellow tabby would be nice since I’ve not had one of them since my dear Sunrise and we absolutely loved Sunny who dropped by our house a couple years ago.

I approached the only yellow tabby, but he could care less about me. I walked around talking to the other cats. One of the volunteers in the “cat” room tried to help me by telling me about each cat as I met them. When she led me to one who looked like Sidd, I thought I was going to cry. I can’t do this, I told myself. Maybe it’s too soon. Maybe I’ll come back later.

But then Dave said, “Sit down and see what happens.” Well, I sat down and Dusty jumped onto my lap. That was it. I’ve never had a gray kitty. Dusty is about two years old, young enough to still want to play but out of that kitten stage.

We filled out the paperwork and then took Dusty home (We had put a cat carrier in the car just in case we found our match.) Puddin was not happy. She hissed and growled and plumped up to be a huge cat. I felt so badly for Dusty.

Here is my first picture of Dusty that day when I could get him to come out from hiding.

Yes, I'm here

It has been so much fun having him here. It’s been so long since we’ve had to look UP to find a kitty. He’s been up on places our other cats could only dream of jumping including the fireplace mantel. But it’s not taken him long to settle in.

Dusty on Dave's recliner

Then this past Tuesday the unbelievable happened. Dave came home after volunteering and sat down in his recliner to relax.

relaxing with the kitties
Dave relaxing with the kitties

But then Dusty decided to take advantage of the situation (or pushing his luck) and put his legs on her.

Now who's in charge
Now who's in charge
Another shot
Another angle showing his legs over her body

Dave then left and they remained on the chair together.

Puddin and Dusty together
Puddin and Dusty together

But when Puddin had enough of the togetherness, she headed to a bed in my cave.

He's really kind of cute
To tell you the truth, Dusty is really kind of cute.

It’s funny how Puddin would hiss and growl at Dusty for the first couple of days and Dusty wouldn’t say anything – not even a small meow. Now Puddin wants Dusty to play and he meows at her. He’s not quite ready to accept her friendship.

I put a bed in the dining room when he first came here to give him some privacy. Well, so far he loves sleeping in it. He’s not yet gotten into being social at night with us. He has his routine. He sits on the windowsill in the laundry room. He then heads to his bed and drifts off to sleep only to be woken up by the paparazzi. Well, he didn’t even wake up for me last night.

Dusty in his bed
Dusty fast asleep

We both agreed that Dusty is the perfect fit for our family. I hope they will be the best of buds.