Inbox: Gelatin Printing

I love receiving email from my readers. It’s always fun for me to hear what you are doing and if my posts have inspired you to create something.

Just recently I received an email from Jean Kranz. She had read my blog post on gelatin printing and said her local group – QBs (Quilting and Beyond)  a spin off from the Lake to Lake Quilt Guild in Gorham, New York – was going to try this technique at their next meeting. QBs meet monthly to  experiment with different processes. Each month a different person is in charge of the workshop and will purchase the paints/dyes and other supplies needed. They pitch in with the cost and share the supplies. Jean explained, “That way all of us do not have a supply of the same items – especially if we have no interest in doing that project again.” Sounds like a really fun group!

I asked Jean to email me some of her pictures after their gelatin printing session. Here are a couple of their prints:

Gelatin printing with string and grass
Gelatin printing with string and grass
Black Walnut Leaves Gelatin Print
Sumac leaves gelatin prints

Of course, their work inspired me to get out my Gelli Plate and play some more. Instead of working with nature, I got out my rubber stamps I’ve not used in a long time.

Gelli PrintGelli PrintGelli PrintGelli PrintGelli PrintThat was fun. Thanks Jean and the QBs for inspiring me to play again with my Gelli plate and letting me see your creations.