How To Video: Sharpie Spin Art

This year I wrote an article for Quilting Arts on several different techniques using the Spin Art machine. While reading my email the other day, Linda Kittmer’s blog gave me the idea to try spin art with Sharpie markers.

Sharpie Spin Art
Sharpie Spin Art

I’ve put together for you my first video tutorial on Sharpie Spin Art. This is on fabric, but you can also do this technique on paper.

This is what you need for this technique:

  • Spinart machine. These can be purchased in the toy section or online. Make sure you buy one that is battery operated.
  • fabric cut in 6 x 6 inch squares or paper 5.5 x 5.5 inches
  • Sharpie Large Chisel Tip Markers
  • spray bottle with alcohol
  • tacky repositionable glue – I used Liquid Sticky Note
  1. Place tacky glue in the center of the bottom of machine to hold fabric (paper) in place.
  2. Place fabric (paper) centered in machine and smooth it down over tacky glue.
  3. Turn on machine.
  4. Touch spinning fabric (paper) with Sharpie. Continue coloring until you are happy with your design.
  5. Turn off machine and check. If you want to add more color, turn it back on and add more.
  6. Turn off machine.
  7. Spritz fabric (paper) with the alcohol. The more you spray, the more the colors will bleed together.
  8. When dry, heat set with an iron and then it’s ready for your next project. (You don’t need to iron the paper!)

Now for the results:

Sharpie Spin Art on mixed multi-media paper
Sharpie Spin Art on watercolor paper

As you can see, on watercolor paper the design is rough but interesting.

Sharpie Spin Art on mixed multi-media paper
Sharpie Spin Art on mixed multi-media art paper

Colors are more vibrant on this multi-media art paper.

Sharpie Spin Art on fabric
Sharpie Spin Art on fabric

On fabric you really need to take it easy with the alcohol. The more alcohol you use, the more the colors bleed into each other which can be good. However, they also can become muddy.

I like using it on these different mediums. Using paper the spin art was more vibrant and crisp while the fabric was muted.

Once you make that “perfect” spin art design, then all you need to do is scan it or take a picture of it and print out over and over. Check out this post for a couple of my samples using spin art.