Our 5th Anniversary

It’s our fifth anniversary. It’s hard to believe five years ago we were getting ready for the wedding. Time sure does fly by fast! It sure has been an interesting journey so far. It was a beautiful Saturday much like it is looking like today will be.

For anyone out there thinking that love can’t be found late in life, we are proof that it is possible. We met seven years ago when we were both in our 50s. Although it would have been nice to have met and married when we were in our 20s and have all of those years to look back on, it’s also been nice to meet each other at this age and share these “golden years” together.

We’re going to take the day off from gardening and working around the house and enjoy.  Then we’ll have dinner tonight at a really nice place, Madeline’s.

We usually make each other cards for our anniversary. This year I decided to use make his with the David Tutera Celebrate card line product I received this week. If you missed all of those goodies, here is the haul video.

I’ll be blogging about the card line next week, but here is the card I gave Dave this morning.

Anniversary card made using David Tutera Celebrate card line
My anniversary card for Dave

The picture was taken at our wedding reception. Love that picture. What a wonderful day!