Indigo Dye Play Date with Kathy

What a fun day! On Tuesday I drove over to Illinois to spend the day playing with my friend Kathy Sands and indigo dye.

My indigo dyed pieces
My indigo-dyed pieces

After mixing up the dye bath, we folded our fabric.

Some of the fabric tied and wrapped ready for the indigo dye bath
Some of my fabric folded, tied, and wrapped ready for the indigo dye bath

Then we dipped them in the dye bath.

Kathy Sands playing in the indigo dye
Kathy playing in the indigo dye bath.

After taking them out of the dye, we unfolded them and placed them on the floor to dry.

Indigo dyed pieces all laid out waiting to dry
Indigo dyed pieces waiting to dry

But besides having so much fun dyeing, Kathy treated me to a wonderful lunch of potato soup and chicken salad. Yum! Look at this lovely place setting. What a treat! The pita wedge is part of one of Dave’s spelt pitas. We love to cut them up and bake them crispy for salad or soup.

Lovely place setting at Kathy Sands
Lovely place setting

When I returned home, I washed my newly dyed fabric pieces in the washing machine with warm water and detergent, popped them in the dryer, and ironed them.

Here are some of my favorite pieces.

Indigo Dyed fabric
Indigo Dyed fabric

This was made by rubber banding glass nuggets in the fabric. In the picture with the tied fabric, it’s the one on the right. Here is a close up.

Closeup of indigo dyed fabric
Closeup of indigo dyed fabric

It reminds me of my ice dyed fabric. Here are more pieces.

Fabric dyed with indigo dye

More indigo dyed fabric

Here’s a closeup:

Closeup of indigo dyed fabric

More indigo dyed fabric

I’ve really saved my favorite for last. I’ve been shopping thrift stores purchasing white cotton shirts to dye. So I dyed one of those t-shirts. I love, love, love it!

Indigo Dyed t-shirt
Indigo dyed t-shirt

What a fun day of playing and visiting! It’s always fun to spend time with Kathy.

Have you ever tried indigo dye? I’d love to hear about your fun with it.