Getting ready for my marbling class

I’m teaching/facilitating a fabric marbling class at East Branch Library that starts today. I am SO excited to introduce ten talented creative women to marbling – one of my present addictions. If you’ve just dropped by, check out this post, this post and this one about my marbling.

It’s been awhile since I’ve marbled so I did some the other day. In the winter my fabric took almost two days to dry. Now with the warmer weather it’s dry in a day. I like that.

Here are several of my pieces from this last marbling session.

Marbled fabric
Marbled fabric

Here is a closeup of a commercial batik piece I marbled over.

Another marbled batikWon’t be long before the fun begins. I’ll be sharing our fun with you soon.

Oh, I harvested some cherries from our little tree yesterday. Not much and there are still a few on the tree that aren’t ripe yet, but looks like it won’t make a cobbler.

harvested cherries
2.7 ounces of cherries from our tree

Have a great week!