Getting Sidetracked

While working on our Australia photo/scrap book, I got a bit sidetracked! But I did get that mission accomplished!

Out of our over 3,000 photos, I ended up with slightly less than 300 in the book. On the right page is my summary of our visit to Ayers Rock Resort.

Oz photo scrap page

On the following page I used my Portrait to cut out the title. That was fun.

oz photo:scrap2The following page shows how I also like to include flyers and other stuff from our trips.

oz scrap:photo3

Then while working on this project, I thought it would be good to organize a bit. Under my cutting table were several large boxes of trip “stuff.” That includes airline ticket stubs, menus, flyers, notes, travel journals, etc. that were all waiting for me to take time to photo/scrap our trips.

I don’t call these scrapbooks because I use those photo sleeves on some and include lots of photos. However, I also have to include other stuff and usually write up notes I had taken on the trip to jog our memory as we look through the book.

But I found a surprise. In one of the boxes were photos of our first trip to Arizona/New Mexico in 2006. They were neatly organized by the areas we visited. For example, I have all of the pictures from the City of Rocks State Park all stuffed inside that brochure. The same for the White Sands National Monument. I even have a list of how many pics per places for a total of 173 pictures! So I had all of our pictures ready to put in an album and just didn’t do it! On this trip we stopped at Barb and Ken’s house in Tucson. Barb and Ken now live two doors down from us!

Everything I need to complete that album
Everything I need to complete that album

So I’ll be putting that together in the next week or so since the hardest part of putting these albums together is choosing the pictures.

I also found three other trips waiting to be put in their albums, but¬† no pictures with them. Not sure when I’ll get to those and did find some pictures of earlier trips and events like this one of me kayaking that I’ll just put in one of my picture boxes. That was a really cold day, but my kayak partner, Peg, and I were determined that we’d get out on the water. In the summer of 2004, we were out on the lake almost every day. Since I got married and moved, we’ve lost touch. Looking at those pictures, I realize I really miss kayaking. My kayak is hanging in the garage and it’s not seen water since 2006. Before the weather turns, I’d like to take it out for a spin.

Kayaking at Hovey Lake
Kayaking at Hovey Lake

Then this whole process motivated me to go through all of the scrapbooking stuff, which ate up a bunch of time. But I had a great load to take to Mother Teresa’s, our local thrift store.

When our friend Carla visited several months ago, she suggested I put some of my artwork on my walls in my studio. The only place I have that’s open (no window or shelving) is over the doors. What a great idea! So this is one of the pieces I’ll be hanging next week. I blogged about it Here.

Reims Cathedral Stencil Piece
Reims Cathedral Stencil Piece

Well, that’s all for now. I’ve been away for over a day and the blueberries are calling. Looking forward to getting back into some art next week. As always, thanks for dropping by.