Stitching a fabric cuff bracelet

Last month I bought this lovely perle cotton thread set from Thread Art.

Complete Thread Art Perle Cotton set
Thread Art Perle Cotton set

The set includes 40 different colors! I was introduced to these threads in the online class, Stupendous Stitching with Carol Ann Waugh. She recommended these threads for our hand stitching. I fell in love with them so when Thread Art had a sale, I jumped at the chance to buy every color.

I found this cute plastic container at Michael’s which holds all of my thread, my scissors, and my needle holder made by my friend Kathy. This container is great for taking to a class or just carrying my thread to another room in the house.

Thread case
My Thread Case

And it came in handy this week when I attended a class at  East Branch Library where Teresa taught us how to make a fabric cuff bracelet. I’ve made a couple, but wanted to see how she made hers which was so cute.

She supplied the base, backing and even beads. Here is my finished piece.

My cuff bracelet
My fabric cuff bracelet

I didn’t use beads even though I’ve got a slew of them. I also used felt for my backing. I just like the feel of felt against my skin.

Here is a picture of me modeling it.

cuff bracelet

We spent the class designing and stitching. I finished mine up in the evening.

Here is the fabric cuff bracelet I made a couple weeks ago with my gelli printed fabric.  I really have enjoyed making these and hand stitching. I see more fabric cuff bracelets in my future.

gelli plate bracelet
gelli plate fabric bracelet

On the baking front, I made some more spelt pitas last week that we use for pizzas, chips and wraps. When Dave grabbed a couple from the freezer the other day, he told me to look at it. “It’s your surface design!” he exclaimed. No face, but a flower!

Pita with a flower design
Pita with a flower design

We also harvested some honey recently. I put the beeswax in my solar melter and here is what I ended up with – a beautiful piece of wax.


Hope you are keeping cool. It’s sure hot here now. Great excuse to stay inside and play.