September 15 Sunday Roundup

Before I get to this past week roundup, today is our wedding anniversary. Yes, six years ago today we walked down the aisle. I couldn’t have picked a better partner to enjoy our “golden” years together.

This is one of the pictures during the ceremony. We sure laughed a lot that day!

Our wedding, September 15, 2007

What a beautiful, special day. Love you Dave!

So on with the wrap up.

Been playing more with Jacquard Color Magnet. I seem to love it the more I use it. As I promised a tutorial is coming.

More Color Magnet fabric
More Color Magnet fabric

Here is what we did in the second lesson of that Silk Painting Scarf Intensive. You can check out our instructor, Evi’s website here. We painted all of the colors into squares without using resist. Needless to say, my dye spread. It was a fun exercise and very challenging to me, but a great learning experience. I like that I will now have all of the silk dye colors. We wrote their numbers on top of each color. This would be a great idea for my fiber reactive dyes.

Silk Dye Colors
Silk Dye Colors

Here at Happy Acres we had a landscaping upgrade. Since we moved in this house in 2007 we’ve wanted to have the bushes and trees from around the foundation pulled out and replanted. The previous owners had planted the bushes too close to the house. Also the bushes were way too big including huge burning bushes in front of our windows. Every year I beat trim them back, but it’s such a big job with everything else that needs to be done around here. Unfortunately, I have no “before” pictures. I always hated how it looked. But here is how part of the front of the house looks now. This project will continue next year.

Front of the house

The only plants we left were an ornamental cherry at the back of the  house and this lovely little Japanese Maple. Unfortunately, it was planted way too close to the foundation, and it is now too old to be moved. However, they trimmed it up and it looks so cute.

I got my bee suit. The suit includes the jacket, hood, and gloves. The other are my gardening pants, socks, and shoes.

Me in my bee suit
Me in my bee suit

Yesterday was the second time I’ve been in the hive with Dave. We discovered last week that we have hive beetles and that our hive won’t survive. Dave had not seen them the week before when he harvested our honey. Then less than a week later on my first trip to the hive in my new suit, we found the mess. So much damage had been done in just a week. I was happy yesterday to be able to push through my fear and stand outside the hive while Dave inspected it. I even took pictures of him and part of the hive damage. We’ll start over next year and be more prepared for what we understand can happen to any beekeeper.

I love wood fabric stamps and saw these on ebay. Can’t wait to use them.

wood printing blocks

That’s all for this Sunday roundup. Have a safe and creative Sunday.